2021-2022 Score Sheet Information:

BCSC uses the Cheer Canada scoring system for our events.  For more information about divisions, scoresheets and deductions please visit: https://cheercanada.ca/education/score-sheets/

BCSC School Policies 

  • School teams are NOT to compete in the all star division. Exception: if an event producer offers individuals, group stunts or partner stunting, schools will compete in the same division as all star
  • Scholastic athletes are allowed to cross-over to allstar teams
  • Mascots can be used in the cheer section of the routine, but, is not allowed to participate in tumbling or stunts. Mascots are considered gender neutral and are not subject to a boundary violation when moving to the performing surface and exiting at the end of the cheer section. o Collegiate teams who do not have a cheer section may still use mascots as long as they still abide by the above rules.
  •  When discarding props (signs, etc.) that are made of solid material or have sharp edges/corners, team members must gently toss or place the props so that they are under control.
  • All jewelry is prohibited during participation. Religious medals and medical medals are not considered to be jewelry. A religious medal without a chain must be taped and worn under the uniform. A medical alert medal must be taped and may be visible.
  • All facets of a performance/routine, including both choreography and music selection, should be appropriate and suitable for family viewing and listening.

Rules Applicable to Non-Collegiate Teams

  • There is a maximum of 10% (rounding up) of athletes that may compete if they attend a local school that does not offer a school cheer program. Note: you cannot cross over from one school to another school if both schools offer cheer programs. Allowed athletes from grade 8 direct feeder schools are not included in the above 10%. This will allow High Schools to compete fairly against those schools who may be 8-12 already.
  • If your school program offers two teams, there is a maximum of 25% (rounding up) of your athletes that may cross-over to both teams.
  • Uniform tops may not include an exposed midriff (even in Senior divisions). Uniform tops must be secured by straps or material over at least one shoulder or around the neck (tube tops are not allowed).
  • Hair style is to the coaches’ discretion.
  • School teams must perform a cheer. The total routine time is not to exceed 2 minutes and 30 seconds (150 seconds). No back beat, voice overs or music may be used in the cheer section. School cheers are recommended to be up to 1 minute in length.