All Star Programs can purchase your own private insurance or the group insurance through BCCA. Scholastic programs typically have insurance through their school. Please contact your school administrator to confirm.

If you wish to purchase BCCA insurance there are requirements set by BCCA to help ensure premiums are kept low.

While coaches can be credentialed in Canada at the age of 16, head Coaches of teams must be a minimum age of 18 years and must be BCCA certified to the level of their team.  There must be a minimum of 1 staff member in the gym when classes are taking place with Valid, up-to-date First Aid-CPR certification during any practices or training, please submit a copy of all certified coaches First Aid – CPR Certificates.

To purchase insurance you will need to complete an application form below. Programs are not paying a set number of athletes but the athletes included as registered with the BCCA / Cheer Canada through Cheer-Reg. A program found negligent for purposely withholding registration of athletes in avoidance of paying their insurance will be fined $500.

BCCA reserves the right to revoke insurance coverage for members found in bad standing. This may include, but is not limited to failure to follow the rules outlined in the qualifications to obtain insurance.

Please Fill out the following Application and submit to “Sonja Aracena” <> : Application

Please ensure all of your athletes have filled out your own waiver approved by the insurance company as well as the BCCA waiver included in the registration with BCCA on Cheer-Reg.