Krista Gerlich-Fitzgerald

Krista works full-time at Simon Fraser University in graduate education. She has been involved in cheerleading for 20 years with experience in sideline, high school, collegiate and all-star programs. She has had the honour of coaching teams at all degrees of competitiveness including team who competed in the European Cheerleading Championships, Summit and all three world cheerleading championships: IASF, ICU and IFC.
Krista is also an experienced judge with experience in Canada, United States, England and Ireland. She is a level 7 certified cheer coach and NCCP certified in gymnastics and trampoline.Krista’s goal for BCCA would be to help BC during a transitional period of our sport. Scholastic cheerleading scoring is being re-evaluated at the national level and there needs to be support put in place to help coaches, athletes and judges at the scholastic level during this transition. Stronger scholastic teams also benefit other programs as they can provide great feeder teams for athletes who want to participate in cheerleading after high school or an opportunity to participate in more cheerleading. With challenges around return to sport during and after the COVID pandemic, Krista looks forward to working on creative solutions to help our athletes return safely and get back to the developing physically, mentally and emotionally through cheer. 

Clara Ruiz-Larrea
Executive Director
Clara has been involved in the cheer community as an athlete for the past 8 years. When the position of Executive Director opened up, she thought it was a great way to blend her love for organization with her passion for cheer. Her goal this year is to ensure all deadlines are met as well as support the rest of the BCCA team in whatever way possible. 

Aly Bradford

Aly was looking for a way to stay informed in the cheerleading world. With her love of organization and spreadsheets, treasurer of the BC Cheerleading Association seemed like a great fit. It was also a way to help build awareness of a sport that she lives in not only BC, but Canada! Aly’s goal for the remainder of the term is to create and stick to a budget that will give the members of the BC Cheerleading Association additional opportunities

Nikki Parrotta

Nikki has been involved in the BC Cheerleading Association in several different roles since first joining in 2006. She is a full time teacher in the Central Okanagan School District, Co-Owner of Okanagan Firestorm Cheerleading and mom you two crazy boys!
Nikki’s passion for cheer started in 2001 and has included experience as an athlete and coach in school, community and All-Star cheer as well as experience as a judge, choreographer and guest instructor. Nikki is excited to return to her roots this year as the BCCA Scholastic Director! Having coached and developed the Rutland Senior program for 11 years, Nikki has also mentored numerous school programs around the province, helping coaches grow their knowledge and programs, and administration see the value of this amazing sport for their students. She is excited to work alongside a talented and experienced board of directors to grow cheer in BC during these challenging times!

Mishan Hedge
Scholastic Director

Mishan works full time as a Gym Owner and Coach in Victoria, BC. She has been involved in the cheerleading industry in BC since 2006 starting in community football cheerleading, then she transitioned to all star cheerleading where she eventually competed at the worlds level, finally completing her career as an athlete in collegiate cheer. She has coached highschool, all star, and collegiate cheer teams. Mishan has always had a passion and special connection with game day cheerleading which is why she was excited to take on the position of Scholastic Director for BC Sport Cheer. Mishan’s goal is to advocate for scholastic teams in BC to help meet their needs as well as help to develop further education pieces geared towards gameday style cheerleading.  

Elise Barnucz
All-Star Director & Media

Elise has been involved in the BC cheer community as an athlete and coach for over 15 years with SFU and Xtreme’s cheer programs. She is so incredibly passionate about cheerleading and was looking for a way to get more involved and grow the sport. When the opportunity came up to join the BCCA as Allstar Director she jumped at the chance! Her goal this year is to find ways of bringing new athletes into cheer, provide more resources for new coaches, and advocate for small programs in BC!