In 2021/2022, the BCSC is introducing three tiers of coaching requirements for BC Coaches. In doing so, we hope to align our organization with Cheer Canada, and the courses that they have deemed relevant for our sport moving forward. To be recognized at any tier, coaches must first be BCSC Members and registered for the current season in Cheer-Reg:

The Coaching Tier system classifies coaches into three groups: Bronze, Silver or Gold. Bronze coaches hold the minimum requirements for coaching cheerleading, including Emergency First Aid/CPR, a criminal record check, NCCP “Making Headway” and “Safe Sport” as well cheer specific credentialing up to the highest level that you coach (see our Credentialing page for more information).

In addition to the Bronze requirements, Silver and Gold Coaches have invested additional time to complete a variety of safety and coaching education courses. Some of these additional courses are free, and others cost between $70 and $130 respectively. To recognize the dedication required of coaches in our province, the BCSC will be publishing a list of GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE certified coaches for the 2021/2022 season. To be included in this years’ list, please complete all necessary requirements and upload any necessary documentation to your Cheer-Reg account prior to November 1st 2021.

Note: BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD rankings are not dependent on Credentialing level. For instance, an individual may be a GOLD Level 1 coach (as that is the highest level that they coach), or a BRONZE level 7 coach. The BCSC only requires coaches to complete cheer specific credentialing up to the highest level that they coach.

Please view the following PDF for more information on the BCSC’s coaching tiers:

Additional Information:

Criminal Record Checks:

Criminal Record checks are required for all coaches in BC. These are valid for 3 years, and then must be renewed. You may complete paperwork for a criminal record check through your local police station, or alternatively, use Sterling Backcheck for $30.

Complete your check online today through Results are typically available in one business day, and identity verification can be done online or at your local Canada post location.

Provide your gym/employer with this information, and upload it to your Cheer-Reg account.


All coaches will need an online account through NCCP to complete concussion training, “Making Headway,” and “Safe Sport.” Create your account at

Once you have created an account, you will receive an NCCP#. This number is unique to you and your training. Upload this number to your Cheer-Reg account to validate your training with the BCSC.

The BCSC recommends the following NCCP courses:

  • “Making Headway” Concussion Training (online, Free)- BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD
  • “Safe Sport” (online, Free)- BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD
  • “Planning a Practice” and “Making Ethical Decisions” (in person or online, approx $130)- SILVER and GOLD
  • “Teaching and Learning” (in person or online, approx $130)- GOLD
  • “Mental Health in Sports” (online, free)- GOLD
    • Note if you are Level 1 NCCP certified in any sport please submit your NCCP number for verification

Respect in Sport:

This course is online, and can be accessed at :// . The cost for this course is $30. This requirement is necessary for both SILVER and GOLD coaches.

When completed, upload your certificate to your Cheer-reg account.

Commit To Kids Training:

“Commit to Kids, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training for those Working with Children” is a mature course and is recommended for senior, GOLD coaches only. Currently, the BCSC has a limited number of paid subscriptions to subsidize the cost of this course. If you are interested, please contact for your unique log-in link.

When completed, upload your certificate to your Cheer-reg account.

The above information pertains to all coaches: recreation, scholastic, collegiate and all-star. All coaches must be 16 years of age or older.

For questions on requirements, please email