Due to the changes IASF has implemented, any non-US coaches will have to get their coaching certification within their own country now.  BCCA is offering a short term credentialing program until a national coaches certification program is created. The BCCA coaches credentialing is offered for a limited period at reduced rates.


If you have no previous coach credentialing or it has been expired for more than 6 months you may credential level 1-3 for a $50 flat rate. This rate includes in person one-on-one oral testing, and an online written test. You don’t have to do all 3 levels but the rate is the same.


If you are re-credentialing your existing level, it is a $25 flat rate.  If you have an active certification (obtained through USASF within the past 3 years) and would like to upgrade to a higher level, it will be $25 per level.  This rate includes in person one-on-one oral testing, and an online written test.

Fees may be increased for this upcoming session – updates to be posted following the BCCA AGM on June 8th 2018

If you are credentialing for level 3, 4 and/or 5 a practical field experience form must be completed.


If your certification has expired because you did not re-credential within 6 months after your credential expired, you will have to start from level 1 again but it should be a much less expensive process.

Credentialing occurs in three periods: August, November, May.

If there is a pressing emergency to be scheduled outside these periods or if you have 8+ coaches to be scheduled at the same location in the same session please email bccacoach@gmail.com to see when there is availability

1. Become familiar with coaching and troubleshooting the “Level Appropriate Examples”, as listed https://www.varsityallstar.com/scoring
2. When you are ready, fill out <this form> to state your intention to be scheduled for an in person test
3. Send your payment (according to the level you are seeking) through e-transfer to bccacoach@gmail.com. Please write your full name in the message/notes field and use an easy to answer secret question such as “What sport is this for” answer: cheerleading. You will not be scheduled until a payment has been received.
4. Credentialing Administrator (CA) will contact you within 7 days of your payment to provide you with the link to the online test
5. A Credentialing Instructor (CI) will contact you to set up a date and location of your in-person test (August, November, May)
6. Before your credentialing session you MUST complete your online test and (if applicable) complete your Practical Field Experience Form with your gym owner
7. Complete your in person test on the date scheduled
a. If you have been successful you will be emailed a “Trained” certificate which shows that you have completed the theoretical aspects of credentialing within 14 days.
b. If you are unsuccessful, your CI will explain areas for improvement prior to scheduling a re-take test.
c. If you do not show up for your session, you will not receive a refund. If you contact your CI 48 hours in advance, they will work with you to reschedule.
9. To become a fully “Certified” coach, you must send in the following documents required by BC (respect in sport, concussion training, basic coaching course, proof of valid first aid and criminal record check). Submit all the documents to bccacoach@gmail.com and you will receive a “Certified” certificate within 7 days.



Click here to download the Practical Field Form to record your coaching experience.


For questions on credentialing, please email bccacoach@gmail.com